Class 12

Year 5 visit the Imperial War Museum in Duxford!
Wednesday November 22nd 2017, 6:06 pm
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We have had such an exciting day in Year 5! This term we are learning about World War 2 and what life was like during this time. To learn more about the subject we visited the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. There we saw a range of different aircrafts that were used during the war, and we were astounded by the size of some of the planes!

We saw planes in their very early stages of their inventions and then the better equipped planes used for battle. We were fascinated by the spitfires and compared the differences between the aircrafts used by various different countries during WW2 including Britain, America and Germany to name a few of our favourites.

As you can see, I couldn’t resist taking loads of photos, but being there was really something else! Year 5 can you explain to your family and friends what was your favourite thing that you saw at the museum?


We saw missiles that were bigger than us!


We saw a range of different planes.


We looked at the weapons used, and how they were released from the aircraft.


We even got to see what first class was like on one of the planes!


As well as this, we went inside a Concorde. The fastest passenger flight to New York. Our hour and a half coach trip would have taken just a few minutes in this plane!


Here are just a few medals that commemorated bravery in the Royal Air Force.


We played in the war aircraft themed playground!


We experienced what it was like for soldiers when they were first sent overseas using boats.


We discovered a range of artifacts that soldiers would have used during the war.


We saw the weapons and transport used during war on land, including a range of different tanks and trucks.


Learning about the spitfires was one of our favourite parts!


We visited the 1940s Operations Room where RAF fighter pilots were directed into combat.


There were also interactive opportunities for us to experience how various aircrafts fly (including planes, helicopters and hot air balloons)!


Here is a view of just some of the aircrafts we saw today, including a spitfire bottom left and the Concorde at the back, which we got to go inside of!

I would like to finish off by saying what a fun and fantastic day we have had! The children were all a credit to Headlands with their superb behaviour, you have made me very proud and I loved every second of our trip!

Miss Carlton

Class 12’s Assembly about Respect
Wednesday November 22nd 2017, 5:19 pm
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Yesterday afternoon, the children in Class 12 made me so proud with their confident delivery of our assembly about ‘Respect’. As part of our assembly, we taught the school about what respect means and what it might look like in our school. We even challenged the entire school to a daily respect challenge, whereby every child will aim to be respectful on a daily basis. They might do this by helping someone, saying ‘please and thank you’, listening to others, holding doors open for others, smiling at others or simply asking someone to play on the playground, especially if you see them on their own. We also gave all the teachers some follow up questions to discuss with their classes so that we could really reflect upon what respect is in greater depth.

On a side note, it was so inspiring to see our class up on stage not only speaking with confidence, but also what wonderful dancing and singing we had! We are certainly full of talent in our class. Well done everyone, and thank you to the parents and carers for coming to watch us, we had so much fun!

freeze frame.JPG

We performed freeze frames and thought tracking to show what is and isn’t respectful.


We read a poem about Respect written by …


The children bowed their heads to listen to our prayer about respect.


Our daily respect challenge.


Questions that classes then reflected upon back in their classrooms.


assembly dance

Our dance to Aretha Franklin’s song Respect!

Our Reading Buddies
Monday November 20th 2017, 8:35 am
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On Friday, we spent the afternoon with our reading buddies from Year 2 where we shared our favourite stories with each other. As always the Year 5s were fantastic role models for the younger ones and the Year 2s read their favourite stories with super fluency and expression, well done all!

image image image image image image image

Anti-Bullying Week in Class 12
Friday November 17th 2017, 4:46 pm
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To commemorate Anti-Bullying Week this week, we have been discussing how we are all unique and special but that no one is more important than anybody else. From this, every class in the school created their own Door of Diversity. In class 12, we discussed what made us different and decided that nothing is more unique to us than our faces! So we created a collage of all our faces, surrounded by the words stating that ‘We are special. We are unique. We are important. We matter. We are Class 12.’

Well done Class 12. Never forget these words!


Class 12’s stars this week!
Friday November 17th 2017, 3:01 pm
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Every day this week we have been learning pairs of letters to join and I have been so impressed to see the children having a really good go at using this in their writing. This has helped with not only the neatness of our writing but also our speed and fluency. Because of this, it was particularly difficult to choose a handwriting star, but Oliver has produced flawless handwriting this week in all areas of his written work, so he has deservedly won our award this week.

Additionally, Ellie has been an absolute star this week in Maths. She has been using inverse operations to identify missing numbers and then using the column method to calculate them accurately. So impressive!

image image

Year 5 meet a WW2 Veteran!
Monday November 13th 2017, 5:19 pm
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This afternoon we had the honour of meeting a local World War 2 veteran who opened up to us about his experiences during this time, and answered many of our questions. He told us about what life was like fighting in India and Burma and how he was called up to join the army when he was only 18 years old, without a choice in the matter. One of his jobs was in the Royal Signals where he would send communications via radio and telegrams using Morse code.

Whilst fighting for our country abroad, without much food or shelter, living conditions were harsh but amongst a time or fear and uncertainty, upon his return to England he was gloriously reunited with his now wife of 70 years!

We even found out that his children went to Headlands Primary School, and they grew up to be teachers and surgeons, which inspired us greatly.

Thank you Mr Wells for your visit to our school and for your service to our country, you are a true hero!

image image

Class 12’s stars this week!
Friday November 10th 2017, 4:15 pm
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Congratulations to Freya for her wonderful writing this week. She has been using skills we have been learning to join up our kinetic letters in her independent written work, which has improved her already wonderful writing. Well done!

As well as this, Keira has been an absolute star in maths. We have been subtracting using the column method and she has been using the dienes to show subtraction of 3 digit numbers independently and recording her calculations too, what a fantastic achievement!!!

image image image



Class 12 win the attendance cup this week!
Friday November 10th 2017, 4:08 pm
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Well done to class 12, you have been coming to school everyday, without a single child coming in late or missing a day. We want to say a massive thank you to our parents and carers for giving us the chance to do our very best learning everyday. We enjoyed taking our celebratory photos… although unfortunately we are missing the children in our class who were competing in the tag rugby competition!

image image image

Remembrance Day Preparations
Friday November 10th 2017, 9:00 am
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Earlier on this week, Year 5 and Year 2 created poppies that we will be sharing alongside the rest of the school in our Remembrance assembly this morning.

We discussed how Northampton was affected by the world wars and for every poppy we made, we commemorated those who died for our freedoms from our local area by writing their names at the top. It made us really think about the freedoms that we are now able to have because of these brave heroes.

We learnt that the leaf on our poppy needed to face 11 o’clock to represent that the war was officially over on 11th day of the 11th month.

As well as this, the children in Year 5 wrote their very own Haiku poems describing what life was like in the battlefields, which we now have proudly displayed in our classroom.

image image image image image

Flashbacks to World War 2…
Friday November 03rd 2017, 10:15 pm
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Wow! Our first week back has zoomed by and we jumped into our World War 2 theme with all guns blazing (pun intended!)

In literacy we began to look at the writing technique of using flashbacks and why writers use them. We then explored an old suitcase containing objects that took us back in time. We then made inferences about the character that they belonged and what memories and feelings the objects held for them. We will be using these to write our own flashbacks based upon the experiences of children living in World War 2.

Look at the wonderful feelings that we came up with for the objects, some of us even began to link the objects together, making very powerful material for our flashbacks! I wonder if they can tell you what memories they think the objects bring to the character?

image image imageimageimage